Future Hunters Up

The Future Hunters is now in the present at Strange Horizons. All three of you who read this blog should shoot over there and read it along with all the other fine speculative fiction they publish.


~ by Chris Clarke on September 8, 2008.

8 Responses to “Future Hunters Up”

  1. Chris-

    I came here from St to congratulate you. Good writing. A novel in the works?



  2. Thanks for the kind words, Hans. As to a novel, I have a lot of backstory written for the time of the Cleansing Fires, I just have to find the time to piece it all together.

  3. Hi Chris
    Just caught Future Hunters. I really do like it. But then living on the mid coast in Maine (usa) I feel ocean themed stories more perhaps. I do a weekly radio program for our non profit community radio station where I read some of the more interesting stories I like. Its all very low key and home spun but fun. I hope at some point to read Hunters on a future program. Baring any objections of course.

  4. Hi Paul,

    Glad you enjoyed the story. And I’d be very happy to have it read on the radio. Lovely part of the world you’re in – I travelled around Maine about 4 years ago.

  5. Fantastic Story. Congratulations

  6. Devin, thanks for reading and enjoying. Your comment is much appreciated.

  7. Hi Chris, nice work. Good short adaptation for what seemed a chunk out of a larger piece.

  8. Thanks Matt. It is part of something larger, but only in my head. I just have to knuckle down and write it.

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